About Me

Robin knew from an early age that she wanted to be an artist. A Philadelphia native, she participated in every music ensemble and theatre troupe, and even took summer school courses to free up time for extra art classes during the year in grade school. Her passion for the arts brought her to Washington, D.C., where in 2017 she graduated from the American University with a bachelor's degree in Musical Theatre and a minor in Art History. 


Robin Weiner is currently working as an actress, designer, and visual artist in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. She has also been known to dabble in carpentry, electrics and stage management! Previously, Robin has worked for Flying V Theatre, Imagination Stage, Rorschach Theatre Co., Mosaic Theatre, American University, Annapolis Shakespeare Co., Theatre Prometheus and the Folger Shakespeare Theater.

Robin is an Equity Membership Candidate!

In her downtime, Robin enjoys writing a webcomic, reading books before watching their movie adaptations, and writing comparative art historical analyses of famous paintings and pop culture (but hey, doesn't everybody?).

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