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Particularly funny is Ms. Weiner.  Her solo “I Hate Men” is a highlight of the evening. Watching her fully commit to the frustration she feels with Fred and every other male, she nails every sigh, facial expression and holler. She is a very talented comedienne and is made for this type of musical comedy.

Kristen Price, Maryland Theatre Guide

Kiss Me, Kate, 2018

Robin Weiner as Marcus Lycus, and all her courtesans and eunuchs, as well as the proteans are superb.

Paul M. Bessel and Barbara Braswell, DC Metro Theatre Arts

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, 2016

A lot of credit must also go to the brilliant stage management team, consisting of three students, Natalie Rine, Anna Kabis, and Robin Weiner, who manage to keep the cast moving despite the confines of a very small stage.  There are constant comings and goings of course, with never a dull or awkward moment.

Ravelle Brickman, DC Metro Theatre Arts

No, No, Nanette, 2016

"My favorite performance was given by Robin Weiner as the grandmother, Bella. While playing a relatively minor role at the beginning, her soliloquy in the final scene powerfully wraps up the issues of personal freedom, communal obligations, justice, freedom, and love."

Bev Fleisher, DC Metro Theatre Arts

Big Love, 2016

"The vaudeville trashy-glam aesthetic is evidenced in the blood-red velvet curtain that hangs under an ornate mock-proscenium frame affixed on the actual raked stage, itself replete with incandescent foot lights. It is a twisted carnival that looks alluring enough until the knives come out, and even then there’s something about the danger that is, well… sexy."

Michael Poandl, DC Metro Theatre Arts

The Threepenny Opera, 2015

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